We are a group of people who believe in the value of data analytics, and are willing to share our time and expertise to lead, facilitate, advise, and promote the development of data analytics projects.

Anh Hoang Duc

Advanced Analytics team leader, master in Quantitative Methods in Economics in Warsaw School of Business, Poland. Instructor of RStudio, DataCamp in Vietnam, experienced in Digital Analytics, Mobile Analytics & various fields of Business Analytics, joined VPBank in Jun, 2016

Linh Le Thuy

University of North Carolina Charlotte - MBA in Business Analytics. Professional experience in China, US and Vietnam in analyzing data in various domains of banking, education, NGOs, retail and automotive technology, Senior Data Analyst at VPBank Oct,2016

Ho Duc Ninh

Master in Business Engineering at HEC-University of Liege, Belgium with strong background of programming & mathematics, experienced in banking sector with very good logical thinking, business sense & data-orientation problem soving, joined VPBank in Dec, 2016.


Nguyen Minh Thanh

Master degree in Finance at Coventry University, UK. Business analyst at RBD - VPBank since July, 2016, good sense of BA, BI and building customer relationships

Tran Thi Dao

Vietnam University of Commerce, 10+ years in banking sector, great bank product sense and extremely efficient in deep analyzing in finance and business. 

Nguyen Hai Truong

Bachelor degree in Mathematical Economics at Odessa, Russia, experienced in banking sector with a good base of logical thinking and business sense.


Dao Thu Ha

Master degree in Accounting and Finance, Warwick University, UK, experienced in Business Intelligence in ecommerce industry for more than 2 years, senior Business Analyst in VPBank since Sep, 2016.

Tran Quynh Trang

Master degree in Marketing Management at Aston University, UK. A proactive, keen learner with strong passion for analytics and excellent sense of organisation. Experienced in BI for an e-commerce marketplace, joined VPBank as a business intelligence analyst since Sep 2016

Nguyen Thi Mai Quynh

A bright, talented and self-motivated data analyst with excellent organizational skills, having good eyes for detail & business sense, holding bachelor degree in Finance & Banking at NEU, joined VPBank since 2012

Le Thanh Tuan

Master degree in MSc Finance, Coventry University, UK. 4 years working experience in civil engineering, business analyst in CBD since Feb, 2016

Advisory board

We are very lucky to have the following fantastic managers for supporting and guiding our efforts in all projects.

Tran Thu Trang

Head of CBD

Hoang Manh Cuong

Head of RBD

Phuong Mai Huy

Head of OBD

Le Tien Dung

Data Quality team leader


Advanced Analytics team also benefits significantly from our outstanding head of division.

Vivek Bhanot

Head of Business Intelligence Competency Center

Last but not least, we appriciate supports from all other BI members who help & share their deep knowledge about both business problems & data structure in VPBank.

Together, we are the best!